Make Money from the Internet – the Facts, Challenges and Solutions

Its 21st century and the world have already very much entered into cyber age. To make money from the internet is becoming easier and easier. I got my last web business designed by a web designer in France, uploaded a software designed by a programmer in India and this website is doing great business in New Zealand.

The point I would like to make here is, it is very much possible to make money from the internet, and it is possible to engage the whole world .

In this article, I have divided how to make money from the internet into three sections:

• The Opportunity
• Three Biggest Challenges and Solutions
• Recommended Action Plan

The Opportunity
With Internet, the biggest opportunities are:
• There is no geographic boundary.
• The internet can operate 24/7/365
• People are influenced only by the quality of the information, not by the physical structure or fittings of the store.

The Challenges
The challenges in making money from internet are:

Challenge # 1: Wrong Mindset and Myths


Your first biggest problem to Make Money from the Internet is wrong mindset and myths. You might be thinking as most people think”I am not a Y generation and I do not know how to design websites”, So I can not make money from the internet. You get scared and never get to start your website business.

Solution to Challenge #1
It’s really very simple. Let me ask you a question, do you have to know how electricity works to get the benefits of it? The answer is obvious, you don’t. Similarly, you don’t have to be a web designer, programmer or computer gig to make money from the internet.

In fact, the truth is, majority of the web professionals works for someone else and the payment is not highly attractive.

You can do plenty of things, namely:
• Hire a web professional or
• Hire a free lancer

Look at the real world. The shirt you are wearing, say you paid $100 for it. How much money do you think the manufacturer get? I am sure not more than $20. Where is the rest of the money? you could also get a big chunk by selling and promoting others product. To make money from the internet, affiliate internet marketing becomes really handy where someone else produces it, and you just market it.

Challenge # 2: My Website is Up And Running, But I Do Not Have Any Visitors!
I can see the next question coming. You have your website up and running, but no one is visiting it! You waited for a couple of days, may be cried for a while, but nothing happens. You think it’s your fault and try another avenue.

Solution to Challenge # 2


Always remember the quote by Napoleon Hill – “Winners do not quit, and quitters never win”. You are so close to make money from the internet. All you need is a solid internet marketing strategy.

You can either try to market your website by organic free traffic from the websites. With a little bit expenses, you can get traffic from your PPC campaign. Another smart way of internet marketing is to use the professional internet marketing services.

Recommended Action Plan:
To become a successful web entrepreneur, you need three things.
1. Lots of Patience
2. Commitment and vision
3. All other essential qualities of a physical entrepreneur.


If you could add a flare of creativity on to the list, I dare to predict how much money you could possibly make on the internet. Just go to your nearest library and read the history of successful web businesses. I can bet you will amaze yourself and start thinking, “Why am I not running an internet business?”

The real war is not on technology, it is in our minds. It takes time to overcome the mental barriers, and then the rest becomes easy. You could sell physical or e-products, or just information and make money from the internet.

In the current era, internet is definitely the best way to make money. However do not confuse it with laziness. If you are active and keen to spend say six months solid time on starting a business on web, it is quite possible to get the business on autopilot and retire early. I have benefited immensely from the internet. My early retirement at 29, buying back the time to spend with family, cool new car on the driveway are achieved through web business combined with home business. I have done it, thousand of other people are doing it, and you can do it too! Bon Voyage!!!


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