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You're invited to participate in an extraordinary income opportunity by becoming a commissioned affiliate for “7 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams” programme.

This is a particularly lucrative opportunity because the sales potential for this book is enormous!  There isn't a single adult in the world that isn't affected by, or worried about the global recession. People worldwide lost their jobs, became broke and lost their steady source of income. People all over the globe are desperately searching for answers to questions like’” What can I do so that I can become recession proof in the future? How can I continue sending my kids to school? Is there any ways I can still keep my Mercedes?” They are looking for effective answers. The worlds top reviewers area saying that this is the best book for this time and has tremendous sales potential all over the worlds. “7 steps to achieving your dreams will generate  Lots of easy sales because:

  • The book sells itself:  It provides indispensable information, self discovery tools, worksheets and scripts that are much-needed in our world where recession has spread like a cancer. The book has a compelling title, which commands immediate attention and powerfully conveys the reason why a potential book buyer must purchase the book. 
  • It's recession-proof:  Unlike other products that people would think twice before buying -- especially during a recession or times of financial difficulty -- this book will sell well in good times or bad because people are always willing to spend on something that could help them to achieve their dreams.
  • Persuasive Sales Page: The persuasive sales page for the book (which does the selling for you) was professionally written by the leading web copywriting expert. Loaded with the free bonus offer of free good worth $799,  we anticipate that at least 5% to 10% of the prospects you bring to the sales page will convert into buyers, depending on the season. 

For every visitor you refer that purchases a copy of “7 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams”, you'll make a huge two-third commission ($18.00).  There is no limit to the amount you can make!

Here's just a sample of the potential affiliate earning     


Our affiliate program is run by  Every 2 weeks, ClickBank will send you a commission check for sales of "7 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams – Even you are broke" that you've generated.  Clickbank also enables you to log on to your affiliate account and view your real-time statistics -- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Become an affiliate for “"7 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams – Even you are broke" and earn 5 digits income by following these three simple steps:
Setting Up your Free Clickbank Account

  • If you do not have a clickbank account, click here to go to clickbank and sign up for a free affiliate account.  However, if you have an existing clickbank account, click here to enter your clickbank nickname.
  • Once your signup process is completed, please click here to send us an email so that you can claim the bonus once you reach the milestones.

I told you it was easy. You have already set up your clickbank account.

Now, if you went through the Clickbank process successfully, you should have been given your affiliate link (also called hop link).  If you didn't take it down (or you forgot it), here's how you can create your hop link:
Replace the "xxxxxxx" in the link below with your ClickBank nickname.

Example:  If your ClickBank nickname is Jennifer then your affiliate link (hop link) is:

Whenever someone clicks on your hop link, they'll be taken to the sales page  on our website, and ClickBank will "tag" that visitor as having been referred by you.  Whether that person buys the book today, next week or any time within 60 days, you'll automatically receive a commission on that sale.

Now, the fun begins!

Promoting the Book:
All you need to do to start earning commissions right away is to promote your hop link everywhere.

  • Send it to your mailing list with a short personal endorsement of the book.  [Click here to see a sample email you can send out.]  Take a moment to send out your e-mails today so you can start earning affiliate commissions in as little as a few hours -- or even a few minutes.
  • Advertise your link with banners, text links or ads in other people's ezines or e-newsletters (or your own, if you have one).  Click here to see sample texts, ads, banners that you can use to promote the site.
  • If you have a website, you can embed the link in the anchor text of our choice.  The title of the book would make a suitable anchor text (since it conveys the major benefit of reading the book) -- but use whatever anchor text you feel is best based on what you know about your website visitors.
  • Post comments about the book on blogs, making sure you include your hop link.
  • Promote the link at social networking sites

As a Clickbank affiliate, you will receive a cheque every 2 weeks.  In addition, this program is available to you even if you live outside the United States, as long as you have Internet access and a bank account.  Just tell where you want your check sent and they will take care of all the details.

Great Bonus Incentives for Affiliates

When you sell more than 100 books on any given calendar month, you will receive an additional $2 per sale. For instance, if you sell 259 books in a single month, you will receive a bonus check in the amount of $318 in addition to your regular commissions.

Wishing you great success as our new affiliate partner!


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