Top Ten Home Based Business Idea

Congratulations in the first place for searching for home based business idea. Like you, I have tried numerous opportunities based on ads, sending off credit card to get the insight from some millionaires, taking paid surveys, acted quick to receive a 50% discount, even joined a few MLM business options. I spent thousands of hours and dollars to explore a quick rich scheme, to find the best home based business idea.

But all endeavors led me to nothing but a lemon tree.

However, no great efforts go in vein. Out of these exercises, I learnt to do the proper due diligence and I learnt to pick the ones that worked. And I am more than happy to share the top ten home based business ideas with you.

Home Based Business Idea 1: Converting Your Hobbies into a Business


There are basically only two types of things in the world, one type is things you like to do, and the other is things you don’t like to do. Imagine how great life would be if you had a chance to live all your day by only doing the things you love to do.

I would call it living! Athletes call it Zone, Artists call it Flow.

You can live the life of your dreams when you convert those dreams into hobbies. Nothing else is more value than honesty, knowledge and true enthusiasm. Whatever your hobby is, you could make a great living out of it by turning it into a home based business.

What Do You Need?

Passion! You need to identify what your true passion is.


Unless the Mr.Hide from Dr.Jekil and Hide dominates your personality, I do not see a risk! By combining your home and internet, you have practically eliminated all risks.

Ranking 5/5

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Home Based Business Idea 2: eBay and Auction Selling


For just one moment, remember those days. No internet, no e bay. You put up a garage sale sign, and be awake from 5 o'clock in the morning, trying to sell the old lawn mower.

Now come back to current time. If you have the same lawnmower, you can get it listed into e bay, some one from 500 miles away from your home has just bought it for $400.00

Do you see the point? Could you turn it into a profitable business? I made six figure incomes by importing goods from drop shippers, and selling them through online local auction called trade me. Time Spent may be 1 hour a day or less.

What Do You Need?

How to add, subtract, email and know how to list in online auctions


Buying from the drop shippers are pretty risk free now a days. The goods you are buying are way below costed below the current Market price. May be if you are a true pessimistic, you might have found a few risks, I could not.

Ranking 5/5

Home Based Business Idea 3: Web designing

What on earth do you think made me learn web design at an age of 27, being a civil engineer?

Because I knew for what I am trying to achieve, I will need a website. I tried to get quotes from some local companies; sexy sales reps came to meet me and present quotations from 5 to 10k.

I knew there must be some other ways. I put an ad in the local student club, got it done at half the price and the designer showed me how easy it was. I downloaded demo version of Macromedia Dream weaver and created my next website myself.

If you can design quality websites, I recommend right now quit your day job and start your own web design business. On top of that, imagine how much leverage you could get by adding internet marketing to this home based business idea?
What Do You Need?

A good PC, a web design software (there are plenty of them available on the net even for free) and a bit of marketing


Although hardware price is a bit on the higher range, I recommend a budget for $1k to $2k; good web designers are very well compensated.

Ranking 5/5

Home Based Business Idea 4: Desktop Publishing
It could be a very exciting home based business opportunity. When I first started up my physical business, I knew the value to desktop publishers. How much I wished I could be one. Unfortunately my brain does not work that way! I called up so many people, I required logo, cards and brochure to be designed, and explored so many places, and they were so expensive!

If your brain works in this way, you have the gift to put together brochure and newsletters, you could offer your own desktop publishing service to other small businesses.

What Do You Need?

Although highly profitable, it is not for everyone. You need to be good in designing and efficient in using relevant software


Software can be expensive. Take a trial class before you do a course or try a demo version before you buy software.

Ranking 4/5

Home Based Business Idea 5: Business Coaching


There are two ways to learn, learning the hard way, by doing the mistakes yourself, and secondly learning the wise way, by learning from others mistakes.

Most of the successful small business owners are smart people and they prefer learning by looking at others mistakes. Also doing a silly mistake may become fatal to the small business owners. That’s why business coaching and mentoring is becoming increasingly popular everyday.

If you have relevant background or experience, by all means go ahead and start your own coaching business. If not, there is plenty of great business coaching franchises available for you.

What Do You Need?

An open mind, ability to feel some one else’s problem as your problem, leadership skills, knowledge and industry experience


Buying a good business coaching franchise can become a costly exercise.

Ranking 4/5

Home Based Business Idea 6: Child Care Service


Are you a big fan of Daddy’s day care movie? If you look at your local business directory, you will find that the hot business that get sold within two days of listing at a top price are child care businesses.

And the trend will be going up, up and up. As time goes by, parents will be becoming busier, and more willing to spend a fair chunk of their income for a good childcare service.

What Do You Need?

You can deceive the whole world, but you can not deceive a child’s mind. I really love children and wish I had the childhood connection with super intelligence back. You must be truly caring, and love children, I repeat you must love children


If you do not love children, do not even think of doing a child care centre.

Ranking 4/5

Home Based Business Idea 7: Virtual Assistant Opportunity

Again, thanks to the internet and home based business. How much did a small business owner wished, if I could have a shadow secretary, filtering my email, drafting my letters, looking at the accounts, paying the bills and reminding me of my appointments? It’s a shame I can’t afford one!

Now it’s a different scenario. Virtual assistant opportunities in providing the above mentioned solutions are becoming popular and you could easily ride this tide. You could even employ some staff to help you out.

What Do You Need?

Skills for a successful home based job, some secretary skills, efficiency in using computers.


You should always ask for a prepaid service and eliminate the risk for short gratification.

Ranking 4/5

Home Based Business Idea 8: Free Lance Photography


On my graduation day, for the first time in my life I used the service of a professional photographer. I was amazed to see his luxurious studio, his home theatre and audio system, and his collection of cameras and classical music (that is my one weakness).

Did you ever try to purchase a picture of a photographer for your article or college wall journal? Was it an easy task? Definitely not cheap!

If you like photography, you can combine it with internet to create a very successful home based business. You can offer your services as a free lancer to small and big companies, news papers, magazines. In real life they do not behave like the boss of the famous boss in Spiderman, those days are well gone. You could offer your service to weddings, college functions and where not?

What Do You Need?

A good camera, a good PC, a good collection of lenses and mindset of a good photographer


Buying a good camera and good PC can be a costly exercise.

Ranking 5/5

Home Based Business Idea 9: Writing E Books and Articles


Did you ever hear of passive income rather than the MLM schemes that does not work? Napoleon Hill, when he wrote his book, got paid $1 a month from the president of USA. But when his book was published and sold, he earned more than a few millions from the sale during the first year.

Publishing a book is another mammoth task, almost a nightmare for a novice writer.

With e-books, you can eliminate this nightmare and enjoy a part of this great success by brilliant authors. Besides, fill up the blank. Mr/Mrs/Miss ________(your Name)__________ __________ is author of the famous e book called _____________, how does that feel to hear?

What Do You Need?

A bit of creativity, project planning and management skills and persistence


You must act what you preach.

Ranking: 5/5

Home Based Business Idea 10: Interior Designer


No matter when you are moving to a new home, or re-decorating your home, moving to new office, how much do you wish for a consultation from an interior designer? Do you believe in Feng Shui?

If you are good in color, material selection and arrangement you should go for it. If you do not have a relevant qualification, do not worry, you can just get one in 3 to 4 months from lots of organizations. Do well in whatever you are doing, and your phone won’t stop ringing.

What Do You Need?

A creative mind, passion for space and making things look better.


You have to decide early whether you will only design or do the work as well.

Ranking: 5/5

Please email me your thoughts regarding these Top ten home based business idea. In these rankings I took the freedom to give personal growth potential and possibility to obtain financial freedom top priority. Also please note that this are top ten home based business idea, not top ten ideas for home based jobs. Hence, I have carefully eliminated some very proven pathways where you sell your time for money.

Now a day, at this internet age, I was tremendously benefited from are these home based business opportunities. It allowed me to retire early, invest more cash in my properties, allowed me to spend much time with my family and take care of my old mom. I am sure you can do it too and I wish you luck.

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