Home Based Business Opportunity – Discover the True Advantages

Home based business opportunity is one of the marvels of this century.

Statistics shows that out of 100 people that start working at the age of 25, by the age of 65:

--1 is wealthy
--4 have enough money to retire
--63 depend on Social Security or charity
--29 are deceased

The most shocking finding about these statistics is

 95% of People, Age 65 and Over Cannot Afford to Retire

Many will be forced to work until they die!!  The irony is you do not know which group you belong to! However, the good news is, the situation has already started to change.


As people are becoming more and more smart and start asking the question, “Why am I going to work everyday, living life like a robot, while my kids at home are being spoilt? Is spending 12 hours everyday working for some one else my destiny?”

Of course as they are asking the right question, they get the right answer, and the right answer is home business opportunity. Home based business opportunity can give you the freedom and the lifestyle you always dreamt of.

The top five advantages about home based business opportunity are:

--Very Low Start Up Cost
When I tried to open up my retail business, the start up cost looked like:

Advance To Shop owner $10,000
Shop Fit Out      $25,000
Initial Marketing $10,000
Staff Salary for 03 months $25,000
Total start up cost    $70,000   

To switch to business from full time work and spending this much money just for the shop opening felt like the getting a quart for a pint. In addition, the biggest risk was:

No matter if the business works or not, according to the lease agreement, I will be liable to pay shop rent for 5 years. Although I am quite an adventurous person according to anyone’s scale, the risk was unacceptable to me. The biggest advantage regarding a home based business opportunity is:

These above Mentioned Costs and Risks are Totally Eliminated.

You can start up a home based business opportunity at a reasonably low cost, and at no risk.

--Buy Back Freedom


Before we go into this topic, let me invite you to relax and think about a moment and list the top on your dislike list about office. I can bet it is having the boss, constantly telling you what to do and what not to do. The situation gets worse when you do have a BOSS who is not qualified enough to be a leader.

Home based business opportunity can give you freedom from the boss, as you will be your own boss. Not only that, you will also enjoy freedom in:

--Freedom from Commute


Did you ever calculate how much time you spend for an eight to five job? Wake up at six, drive in traffic for one hour to be in the office, then the boss keeps you late till six, drive one hour to be back home at seven.

You just spent 13 hours a day for a scheduled eight hour job. And what do you get in the result? Being broke at 65!! Does this seem fair to you? It does not seem fair to me!

Home based business opportunity can give you freedom from this. You do not need to spend that extra five hours on nothing. You just reach your office in 2 minutes time. To me, time is the most valuable asset in the world, and you are saving 1825 hours in a year. Say if your working life was 40 years, you have bought back 8.3 years.

Having the ability to work from home creates a great deal of personal freedom to do whatever you want when you want. The “2 minute commute” as they like to say, where you don’t have to spend hours in the car stuck on the highway in traffic going to and from your job every day. At times, you may even become bored or wonder what to do next since you have recovered so much time and freedom back just by working from home, but I think most of that would take that situation over being stuck in traffic!

---Freedom From Boss


In addition to the time factor, you aren’t going to have a boss to tell you what to do, a dress code to follow, a time to clock in and clock out with no work schedule. So starting a home based business opportunity and the personal freedom that follows with it is such a great factor, but you also have to make sure you keep yourself disciplined, high level of personal drive, and managing your time in order to succeed otherwise you won’t be working from home very long!

--Tax Advantage
It is rightly said that only one class of people pay tax, that is the middle class.

The lower class and upper class do not give tax.

Now its time for you to join the less tax giving group by having a home based business. You can claim tax on your:

---Home office Rent
---Your automobile use on home office
---Equipments that you purchase for your home office
---Internet Bills
---Phone Bills
---Light Bills and so much more.

Enjoy the tax back from the tax department by using a home based business.

--Earn More Money and Keep the Money


When you have a home based business, the more time you work the more money you make. While you were working for someone else, did you get a share of the profit of the company? Did you get paid for working some long hours? I just worked long hours to keep the boss happy only, let alone have any share on the big pie.

With home based opportunity, you will earn more than you ever thought possible as opposed to what you would get as a salaried employee. With a home based business, your hard work and long hours will directly benefit you, rather than increasing profits for someone else.

--Multiple Streams of Income


How can I stress to elaborate the power of multiple streams of income from a home based business opportunity? Let me elaborate to the multiple streams of income concept to you. Imagine you have a bucket with only one tap pouring water and it takes minutes to fill the bucket. What if you had ten taps filling the same bucket? Won’t it take only one minute to fill the bucket? In ten minutes time, you could easily have filled up ten buckets.

This elaborates the basic concept of multiple streams on income. Bob Proctor has rightly said, even a single mom with kids can create multiple streams of income. When you have a home based business, you can easily enjoy this massive acceleration.

Especially when you are doing a home based online business, just get the online business up and running, get it on autopilot, and start another one while maintaining the first one. Your income will just double and triple in no time.

Dear fellow readers, I can see that if you already own a home based business, you can’t wait to start the multiple sources of income strategy. If you are not already in a home based business, ask yourself, why am I not in a home based business yet?

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