Powerful You

Welcome to this Powerful You series. You want to be wealthy and this site discusses three different vehicles to be wealthy. While they are the vital ways towards wealth creation, the first step is work on yourself so that you can have the dream personality. When you see movies and you like heroes, what qualities do they have that you fall for?

This Powerful You series outlines the essential qualities required to be successful. This section, in fact, is a roadmap towards a wealthy you. Because the critical success factors are not only explained, ways to achieve them are also chalked out for you.

When the topics were selected, the question asked was,”What worked for the successful people? What did they do differently so that they became successful?” The answers that found were amazing. They had some qualities in common. Strategies and intelligence was propelled with disciplined, long hours of focussed work powered with sky high motivation.

How to use this section? You need a little bit planning. I recommend use the sitemap below, print the list. May be you are already a master of some sectors, then focus on the others. Keep on reading them several times until you internalize the concepts. Then start taking action. Take one step at a time. Within a period of time, you will see results differently. Slowly but definitely the changes will come. You will find more time throughout the day and you will attract the things that you wanted.

Goal Settings Self Management Tools
Power of setting goals Power of Weekly diary
Why goals are important Wall Planner
How to set goals Monitoring tasks 
Goal setting exercise Why Set up workplace
Qualities of Goals  How weekly diary can help?
How to achieve goals Advantages of weekly diary
Tools for achieving your dreams How to set up workplace?
Time Management Speed Reading
Activities Management Introduction to speed reading
The time management software History of speed reading
Top five tips of time management The Technique
Slow Down The blocks to speed reading
Case Studies
Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) Meditation 
What is NLP? General Misconception
Different Aspects of NLP Brief Description of Meditation
Modality How can meditation help you?
Nodality How meditation has helped others
Conversational hypnosis How to do effective meditation?
  Self Hypnosis
Sleep Better Listening Skills
How to attract better sleep Can we all listen?
Sleep less and still be productive How to improve listening skills
Science of sleeping Read between the lines
Dream sweet dreams Better Listener
Wake up fresh Power of listening