Make Money Fast – How Fast is Fast to You?

All of us want to make money fast. But How Fast Do You Really Want?

If you want to make money fast in the blink of your eye, let me bring you back to reality. Although this world is full of get rich quick and make money real fast scams, I can tell you confidently these scams do not work. At least they did not work for me. Some one made money fast, but it was not me. I may not know many things, but I definitely know one cannot make money on these scams, as I have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars, and days after days of time to explore them.

What did I get? Just Another Lemon Tree!!

But did this search to make money fast go in vein? Of course not, I learned the secrets of easy ways to make money fast.

When you learn the secrets, money comes to you in abundance. I will share with you my understanding in two different sections.

Before I go into the topic, one quick reminder, I am not here to sell you anything. I found it my obligation to share the knowledge. I believe success and money should not come only to me but to everyone who desires so. I still thrive the feeling of purchasing a brand new Audi A4 Quattro out of my own money, and how much would I love buying the Lamborghini in the next one year. Those of you who are thinking, it is a high jump, for your information, yes it was for me. My previous car was a 1986 Toyota Celica.

Dear co-travellers, if you really want to make changes, make BIG changes. Make them countable. If you want to earn extra money, think of massive amount of extra money. See the color of your Helicopter; imagine your self flying in your own Boeing 747.

Make Money Fast: How Fast is Really Fast?
Now a day its a world of speed. The movies like fast and furious, going to the moon, acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph in 5 seconds, searching online to find an answer in a split second, all these makes us think that we have to achieve results faster and faster.  

As a result, we overestimate what we can achieve in one month, or one year. And when we do not achieve it, we blame 97% to our surroundings and convince ourselves that this was not for me. We go back to the old routine again. Have you ever done so? Only if you knew how close you were towards your goal when you gave up! While trying to overestimate in one year, we hugely underestimate what we could have achieved in five years. Money accumulation does not grow in a straight line.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race.

The truth is, money accumulates exponentially. You have to use the effects of compounding to get the cards stacked at your favour. If only you could replace the make money fast = 5 years rather than 5 days or 5 weeks, you have won the battle by 80%. Have you seen people winning big amounts of cash money in lotteries?

See their face with all their teeth exposed in the newspaper? Did you see the other side of the coin?Most of them died broke, 95% of the people who win big money in lottery loose this money within the first three months. If I start naming some examples, the whole page will have to be dedicated on that subject.

Become slow and steady. Go back and read the Aesop’s fable – the story of the hare and the tortoise. It is the tortoise who wins the race. And you will have to keep your cool. The moment you stop thinking using your own brain, you loose.  You will be under pressure. If you tried to buy something on e Bay, did you notice how much the price increased in the last couple of minutes? What techniques do they use?

You will have to have the vision: When Helen Keller was asked is there anything worse than being blind? Her reply was a quick one. Yes, there is. It is worse to live without vision than to live a life blind.

The Truth about Money
When a famous bank robber was asked, why did you rob the bank? His answer was well there is where the money is. He was wrong on several points.

No1. Banks are not the source of money
No2. You must attain your money in an honest way.

By the way, let me quickly share one more myth.

Making money is not = Honesty x Hard Working, The Truth #1 is,

Make money fast = (Honesty x Hard Working)^ STRATEGY

I could strongly disagree with Thomas Jefferson, third president on US remark “I have never seen men’s honesty to increase their riches”. Mr. Jefferson mostly mentioned the part of people who takes the back alleys and shortcuts. However, I could oppose him saying “Mr. Jefferson, you should have used seldom, rather than never”. Being honest, the game just becomes slightly difficult, but it’s quite doable still. To me honesty is the other name of living. I have done, and I have seen lots of people making money from homeand accumulating fortune honestly.

If you want your kids to grow diligently into a fine young man, never compromise honesty. Believe in the equation above, use your intelligence. You do not have to re invent the wheel every time. Quite some people have showed some powerful strategies to make money fast, you could follow them easily. You will have to be the 1% of people who lies outside the group of foolish people as mentioned by Luther King” The Lord commonly gives money to foolish people who he gives nothing else”.

As your mind is now ready for the truths, I will pass the second truth onto you:

The Truth #2 is
Whether you will make money fast or not, does not depend on the external environment, interest rates and economy. This will entirely depend on your mindset.


Look at the people who accumulated immense fortune. They have the same two legs as you( are they not happy as we are not calling them four legged), two hands as you, the same amount of physical resources that you have. Did you ever think what’s so different about them?

I thought, I read, I observed.

The difference is in their thought patterns, the difference is in their mind set.

Believe in these two truths. It’s not easy. But the moment you will start believing them, you have almost finished the journey. Remember what Jonathon Swift said ”A wise person should have money in their head, not in their heart”. While the believe process is going on, you must read these two books:

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and
“You were Born Rich” by Bob Proctor.
No more powerful books have been written in the world except those two above mentioned books. You must read them and dwell on them in order to make money fast.

Finally, remember the age old proverb,”Anyone can be great with money. With money, greatness is not a talent but an obligation. The trick is to be great without money.” Show greatness in every sphere of your life, so that every night when you go to bed, you can happily recollect “I have shown at least five greatness to people today”. Follow any one of the strategies or all of them. Remember to prepare the field by planting the right seeds as mentioned in earlier part of this article. I personally assure you, money will be there by your side in no time.

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