Top 10 Easy Ways to Make Money

Although it takes quite a bit of effort to make a serious fortune, there is some easy ways to make money.

What is Easy Money? I define Easy Money As:

Earning about 10k on a 100% legal income stream by putting 10 hours a week.

The beauty of this stream is one week has 168 hours and you could spend considerable amount of time to create sustainable multiple streams of income and make a decent living. Also, it could have multiple levels of benefits for a young couple, as this will allow the couple to be free from their day jobs and engage in higher wealth building pathways such as real estate, stock market etc and the potential is unlimited.

The Top Ten Ways to Make Easy Money Are:

Easy Ways to Make Money#1: Make Money on E bay

I, like you, love eBay. EBay has 212 million worldwide users. Among the users, 128 million users are from USA, the top country in the world where you will find the highest number of credit card ready buyers.

There are 290,000 eBay stores worldwide and 274,000 Americans report that eBay is their primary means of income.

I think the above statistics tells the story itself. When nearly more than 4% of the world population uses eBay frequently, you can easily take the advantage of the massive volume and explore easy ways to make money from eBay.

Easy Ways to Make Money#2: Big in Blogging

A blog is an abridgement of the word web log. Its not a long time since blogs appeared. Blogs came and won instantly. Although there are different types of blogs, the most widely used type of blog is the private blogs.

Personal Blogs is like one persons experiences written in a chronological fashion. Currently there are more than 12 million blogs on the web. Personally when I search for some rare things and the results end up in a blog, I get excited because I get the chance to hear from the horses’ mouth.

As blogging is making its place in the cyberspace, you can ride the tide by starting a blog on a niche topic, attract traffic and add Google Adsense.

Easy Ways to Make Money#3: Flipping Websites

In this cyber age, the vital way of saying I am alive is by having a website. However, there is a huge gap between having a website and a successfully up and running websites.

You can buy a fully functional and automated website on eBay and sell it on your website or through some local advertising. If you make a decent $500, and do such 20 flipping at your leisure time, you have earned a handy $10,000 at a very little time expense. I must say one thing, if you are smart enough, then $500 per website flipping is on a very lower end.

Easy Ways to Make Money#4: Writing Google Adwords Ads

I like this. I am smiling while I am writing this topic. While Google adwords has its own place, I have experienced numerous low quality writings in the ads. You can buy books on "how to write an ad" for a few bucks, and offer the website owners to provide with an effective Google adword ad. These ads are only three lines long and you can earn a handsome amount of money from this campaign.

Easy Ways to Make Money#5: Develop Software and Sell Online.


The beauty of developing software is, you can develop it once and sell unlimited times. I am sure you have already seen this opportunity. You do not have to be a programmer yourself to develop the software. Use your creativity to find a niche idea on a software development.

Personally when I develop a software, I ask myself: "On my daily applications, what software could have made my life easier

Once you have the idea, write the details of steps of the software you expect to perform and hire a programmer or a group of programmers to do this job for you. Then use various marketing techniques to market the software. If you have an existing newsletter with a customer base, it will be a very nice add on. If not, affiliate marketing can play a vital role in this context.

Easy Ways to Make Money#6: Use the Flexibility of PPC Arbitrage

easy-ways-to-make-money-ppc PPC arbitrage is one of the smartest ways to make money of the internet. PPC stands for pay per click marketing, where the service provider pays a pre agreed amount of money to the search engines for a click to their website. The user has to pay the search engine in advance and the PPC campaign runs as long as the user account has funds.

Now, it gets more interesting due to two facts:

  1. Numerous service providers bid for the same keywords, and
  2. The amount of top bidding varies from search engine to search engine

I call this difference in cost of PPC in different search engines. You can buy the traffic for the same keyword from a source at a lower cost and redirect the traffic to another site for a higher cost.

For instance, say you buy traffic for a keyword from a tier 2 website for 8 cents, and from Google adwords, you got 2 dollars for this traffic. On this arbitrage you just made $1.92. Even at very beginner’s level, you can easily have 100 of this conversions/day and make $192 day, which is a massive $70,000 per annum.

Easy Ways to Make Money#7: Sell Instructional Videos

Are you good in using any software or doing anything specific on computer? That’s it, you have made it! There is a massive demand in the internet for training on different software’s, especially IT related ones, image and graphics and internet marketing. It has never been easier to create an educational video using screenshots. Camtasia 5.0 is one of the most popular one in creating a screen recording. I have seen in my personal experience people readily paying four figure money for a screen recording but who would think over a hundred times before buying a book worth 10 dollars.

Easy Ways to Make Money#8: Design Authority Seals

Did you ever closely observe any IT peripherals you purchased?

Besides the logo, it has probably a number of authority seals on the pack. The same applies to the world of e commerce. Generally people purchase more from sites with some authority seals far better than similar sites without any authority seals.

You can design your own authority seal. E products developers and e commerce sites will eagerly come to you to review their products and use your authority seal and you will get handsomely paid in return.

Easy Ways to Make Money#9: Resell Hosting Accounts

This is one of my most favorite ones. More and more people are coming into the web world, and the web world generally enjoys the highest number of repeat customers. According to Wikipedia, excluding MySpace pages, Google pages and other branch off pages, there are more than 5 billion WebPages in the world.

All these sites needed to be hosted somewhere and you could have a share of the pie easily. Now a days plenty of hosting sites are offering reseller accounts for cheaper and cheaper prices. The key benefit is you need not have to worry about any physical inventory, server management of the network administration and yet earn handsome money from these reseller hosting.

Easy Ways to Make Money#10: Name Domains


I will point out two things. I noticed with profound interest that Burger King operates in Australia under the name of “Hungry Jack”. It happened because another outlet took the name before they started in Aussie.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my brother in law and he was wondering if he could buy the name of the most popular bank in this country, how much money could he make from selling the name to the bank now.

While I asked him, what can we do now to enjoy the ride, his answer was, well this opportunity has come and gone. But I strongly disagree with him as one of the most richest man on planet earth still earns his money from naming websites.

The game plan is so that you do your research. Buy domain names with catchy names, or names that rhyme and easy to remember. Including eBay there are numerous places where you could sell this domain name among a group of interested bidders at a very lucrative price.

Before I finish, I will point out one research results which found out that more than one-third of American women consider money more important than good sex to the success of a marriage. It gives us an insight, doesn’t it?

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