Tools for Achiving Goals

Once you have identified your big goals, broken them down into smaller pieces and daily tasks, you will realise that these big goals are basically outcomes of the series of your positive actions. The following essential tools will just make these actions as smooth as silk.

The first tool is a dream board. Once you have identified your big goals, associate the things that you have around that big goal. Go out for a test drive in your dream car. Walk in the lobbies of a five star hotel. Later I will show you how to anchor these events, but for now take photos of these events. Put these images up in your dream board. Every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to bed, look at these dream board. Autosuggest they are all yours.

Your second big gun will be a notebook. I prefer a rich paper notebook, as when you cross out the tasks it releases endorphins and you feel happier. The key is plan your day in the notebook, always carry it with you, and once a task is done cross it out.

Another powerful tool is a journal. It does not matter in which format you keep the journal; all it matters is that you keep a journal. Write down all the events that you had during the day, note your success and your failures. Celebrate your success and celebrate your failures with the same enthusiasm as they are they stepping stones towards a better you. This will allow to Identify the sectors that you need to work on.  

I have written a book titled ”Seven Steps to Achieving Your Dreams” which tells you how to look back into the dream that you had as a kid and how to achieve such big goals.  If you think you have complete faith in your vision, email me with reference to this article and I will send you the eBook for free. It’s a small reward because you took action.


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