How to Achieve Your Goals?

This section will guide you towards achieving your goals. The techniques are simple and effective. The cornerstones are: Write up the long term goals, break them into smaller parts, and start action on them.

Write up the long term goals. Goals that are not written are not goals, they are not even outcomes, and they are merely thoughts. Writing the goals is the definite way how you set up the goalpost in the field. And once you have written the goals, put a date by which you envisage to achieve it. Next sign your name and place into you wallet. As Napoleon Hill stated, read this written statement every morning and night.

Next question is how to eat an elephant? The answer is a classical one, one bite at a time. One you have put down the big goals, do not get blown away by its massive size. Goals need to be massive to have your attention. Break the long term goals into smaller parts. Upon research, if your estimated timeframe to achieve your goal was five years, break it down to yearly goals, monthly goals and finally daily goals. I wrote half pages book each day, and got my book completed in two years.

Taking action is the final step and the missing golden thread between your current position and the desired position. Start action on your daily task as soon as you have the concrete form of what needs to be done today. Take this action so vividly, so enthusiastically as if you have the goal achieved right now.

I have written a book titled ”Seven Steps to Achieving Your Dreams” which tells you how to look back into the dream that you had as a kid and how to achieve such big goals.  If you think you have complete faith in your vision, email me with reference to this article and I will send you the eBook for free. It’s a small reward because you took action.

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