Power of Goal Setting

Did you read the story “Alice in Wonderland?” When she asked the cat, which way to go? The cat asked her, where do you want to go? In reply Alice told that she did not know. Then the cats answer was, well, you can go anyway, it does not matter.”

The above story has a very powerful lesson. Without clear goals, entire life can be spent in the pursuit of nothing. Look at the brilliant history of human achievement. Wright Brothers inventing the aeroplane, Sir Edmund Hillary climbing up the Everest, everything was possible because they had clear defined goals.

To be effective and efficient you have to set up clear and powerful goals. In general, goals should be SMART, where the words stand for specific, measureable, attainable, and realistic and timely. Now, how to set specific goals? And then the goals needs to be powerful so that its alters your reality. They need to be so exciting that you will be thinking about it all night and day. In order to set this type of goals, you will have to set your imagination free. Like Bob Proctor said, “Set up the goals for you that is so big, that it will excite and scare you at the same time.”

You can set then specific goals on different sectors of life. Set goals for finance, health and fitness, emotional intelligence, and spiritual development, and any other sectors that are important to you. Finally put a deadline to the goal. Without a deadline, it is not a goal, its merely a thought.

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