Home Based Job – A Critical Analysis and Success Factors

Congratulations on searching for home based job. This is the new direction the world is heading. Before I get into too deep, I wanted to clarify one thing. I am sure you will agree with me, how good a train will run will depend on the engine. And in the home based job, the one man band, the engine is you. You must know your dreams, your goals and visions and configure your natural strength. I can see you saying, “Well, I am listening this since the past 40 years.” I have an answer for you. I will personally

walk you through all you needed to find out the best in you here.

So, once the engine is ready, its time to look at details of home based job. This is presented in three sections:

- What is a home based job?

-What are the three key advantages?

- What are the essential success factors?

What is a Home Based Job?


The definition of home based job comes to me as a job that you can do from the comfort of your home; you are being paid at a pre-agreed rate per hour or per job. Some of the most attractive and highly paid home based jobs are:

- Web site design
- Graphics design
- Writing
- Providing accounting services
- Business mentoring
- Marketing coaching
- Property management

-What are the three key advantages?

Key Advantages of a Home Based Job are:


-- Flexibility

You could do the work, still be at home, drop your kids to school and bring them back, take a timely break to help them with their homework and in five minutes come back to work again! No other job provides you with this flexibility!

--Saving on Commute Time and Fuel

Even if you do an 8 hour day job, on average a person spends one hour going to the office and one hour coming back. You could save that time easily. At this point I could ask you an interesting question,

How Much Do You Think Your True Hourly Rate Should Be?

Now multiply this rate with the 2 hours everyday, project it for one year or for ten years. You will be amazed to see the results.

Besides, the fuel prices are going up and up and up everyday. Car maintenance and the other nightmare of car parking! Home based job can give you the freedom from these fuel costs and parking hassles.

--Family Life

You get back your family life! Better kids, better home and better future with home based job. With all these worries taken away, you could expect a better life for you, as well as for your kids.

-- Freedom from Boss, Grapevine and Internal Politics

If you don’t like your boss and colleagues, well; you do not have to. You just do your work and maintain your own social life with the people you like. Isn’t it amazing? I like to listen and during my day job in office days, I listened during the chat among us employees. Being the BOSS, it gave me the opportunity to see the cruelty of internal politics and backbiting.


With a home based job, you could easily kiss them all goodbye.

Three Essential Qualities to Thrive in the Home Based Job

--Time Management


Most probably time management is the most crucial factor for a home based job. You must be better than excellent in time management to survive in home based job. It is so crucial because:
-You are free from the direct supervision of someone
-You are your own manager
-The possibilities of distraction are endless.

I remember during the high school days, I did not go to school one day just before the exam to study at home. As I was most probably the worst disciplined kid at that age, the outcome was many times worse than what would have happened if I went to school.

I strongly recommend before you switch to your home based job, carry out a Time Management Course and make sure you properly plan and manage your time.

--Ability to Focus on The Work

At the same time, you have to be highly disciplined to prepare a schedule and stick to the schedule. I remember my supervisor, Dr. Takis’s advise to me, “When you are fixing a strategy, you are a general. But once you have fixed the strategy, you have to work as a soldier.” I benefited tremendously from the wisdom of the wise man and so can you.

--Realistic Approach towards Time

This is a good one! During my early postgraduate days, like all young man, I used to think one and half year to complete the master’s research is a very long time. But how foolish was I and how fate has corrected me when I worked for more than 18 hours a day to complete the thesis on time.

This overestimation can rob you off your spirit. Most of us, while starting a home based job tend to think we can complete the whole thing in just one morning and one evening.

But seldom does this happen in reality, a task takes its proper time to get completed and during the early days we tend to get frustrated. To be out of this trap, following the below stated strategy works beautifully:
-Break up a big task into smaller manageable chunk.
-Allocate time for each chunks
-Now correct the time allocation, divide your estimated time by 0.6 to get a realistic time slot.
-Dedicate that time slot towards this allocated task only
-Allow some contingency times.

By following this strategy, you can successfully harness your time, and enjoy the feeling of completion. And remember the famous quotation,

“Its not a shame to make shoes, but it’s a shame to make bad shoes.”

If you have decided to shift to home based jobs, I congratulate you for taking a positive action and having the vision to see the benefits. When Helen Keller was asked if there were anything more dangerous than being blind, her reply was, yes, it was being without vision. Develop the above mentioned qualities in you, and success in home based job will be yours in no time.