How to Excel in Affiliate Internet Marketing?

The Secrets of Affiliate Internet Marketing

Affiliate internet marketing is one of the best ways to make money on the internet. While the opportunities are endless, you can make good amount of money by very little effort. In fact, this is one of the best examples of creating sustainable passive income.

The oxford dictionary defines affiliate as officially attach or connect to an organization which very nicely summarizes the key activities in this opportunity. In the light of this summary,

I defined affiliate internet marketing as:
1. Becoming affiliated with quality web organizations,
2. Market their products and
3. Upon successful completion of the sales process, receive a commission of the sales, where the commission ranges from 40 to 80% of the nature of the products.

SWOT Analysis of Affiliate Internet Marketing



Now a days with the massive advancement of technology, the iron curtain between a creative idea and product development has been entirely eliminated. If you are a Y generation, you are not aware of the iron curtain, but if you are either the X generation or the baby boomers, you would certainly agree with me.

With the new opportunity, new products are being developed, where majority of them are e-products. The beauty of e products is, once developed; the developer can sell unlimited copies of the same product.

But the challenge still remains. If you have the best product on only your PC, no one knows about it. You do not make a sell and make no money. It’s like winking at a girl in the dark. And here comes the role of affiliate internet marketing.

I would call the major strength of this unique marketing is it allows you to utilize your full energy towards marketing only as the product developer is someone else and you enjoy the cashflow benefits of promoting/recommending good products/services.

Every coin has an opposite site, and on the other face of the coin I could like to call upon the requirement of sufficient knowledge and reaching the critical traffic in your website marketing.

Is not the opportunity of affiliate internet marketing endless? More products are coming in and there are more credit card ready customers joining everyday. I can see an increasing trend of this for a long time.

With an even increasing market and the global nature of the web market there will be always plenty of room for a new affiliate marketer or an existing affiliate internet marketer to increase his volume.

Nevertheless, doubling your income from this unique opportunity is as simple as finding a product that people are interested in buying, and then market a similar product.


While the opportunities are endless, there is a darker side of the moon as well. Although the root of the threat is lack of knowledge, it could be expanded onto the current situation of web. If you search for affiliate internet marketing on a web search engine, you may find more than one million websites offering some form of affiliate internet products or some kind of means to promote your website.

If you are not properly prepared, you may easily drown into the ocean of information overload. However, the good news you will learn not only to swim, but also to fly very soon.

How to Successfully do Affiliate Internet Marketing?

Now a days the common form of affiliate marketing takes place in the following ways:

Finding a Niche
Finding a niche could be a nerve breaking process in the affiliate internet marketing process and it is the first and vital step of this game. Including Google, Yahoo and msn, there are numerous sites offering you keyword analysis.

Spend 50% of your time in affiliate internet marketing here. Although it may become tiring and a bit boring, you will find this time period as the most well spent time shortly.

Develop a Content Based Website


Once you have found a niche, develop a content based website. If you are a webmaster yourself its excellent. If not, hire a web developer to design the website. The cost may vary from place to place( whisper in your ear: with internet, the world has become a marketplace actually), I can guarantee it is not going to make you bankrupt.

Then write the articles yourself. If you have some cash and less money to spend on, I recommend write the home page yourself, and get the other articles written by a professional while you own their rights.

Market Your Website
Once you have prepared your website, submit it to the major search engines and directories. It may take up to six months. While there is no guarantee that all of them are going to accept your website, the truth is, information is the most valuable resources in today’s web world. If your site articles are unique, you can expect your site to be accepted by the search engines in no time.

Once it’s accepted, the free traffic will start to build. It very nicely fits the golden truth of marketing i.e. either be a gorilla, or a guerilla. Your site will be performing well as a guerilla.

Then utilize Google adwords. On top of the cake, in the near future some targeted traffic from the tier 2 search engines will add very nice icing as well.

Learn Time Management
While you are wrinkling your eyebrows thinking what does time management have to do with affiliate internet marketing, let me clarify the importance of lead time management?

In building credibility of your websites to your clients, it is essential to send them information loaded newsletters. It will provide you with multiple benefits, namely
-Add tremendous credibility to your website
-Promote any new products to your database

With this massive traction forces, your newsletter will have to be timely and well researched. Can you see the point of discipline and time management? You just cannot afford to miss one issue or delay the delivery.

Find Top class Affiliates
Now you have reached the harvesting time.


On the internet there are plenty of directories and databases offering affiliate partnership for quality products. And the good news is most of them are free to sign up.

Sign up in a few. Look at all the affiliates that are offering some kind of products and services that fits the theme of your website.

Then dillgently check the top selected affiliate. In real life, would you recommend a plumber to your friend if he was not providing good service. I am sure you would not. Apply the same strategy in affiliate internet marketing. Only once when you are 100% satisfied with the affiliate product, market it with confidence.

That’s it! Simple and easy! One final word of wisdom, allow yourself plenty of time to complete the process. If you are giving full time and effort, allow at least 4-6 months, and if part-time allow at least one year. Prepare your field, sow the seeds and reap the massive harvest.

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