A Brief History of Internet Marketing Services

In the first place let me congratulate you for searching for internet marketing services. It already tells me that you are smart enough to identify the locomotive of your internet business.


In the early days, when I was a dummy to internet, I came to know that internet is the solution to my search for financial freedom. I paid handsome amount of money to get an e-commerce site done. It was really great looking and was one of the coolest e-commerce sites, loaded with flash, banners, music and what not?

I was so excited; I even registered a company to do the business.

But I forgot one key thing. I forgot to add fuel to the engine, that is

How to Drive Traffic to My Site?

In the sheer excitement, I was telling friends and relatives, hey, look at my new website, I realized two things quickly:

-The site itself without the traffic means nothing
- Friends and relatives are not the best people to appreciate your new creation.

At that point, I started searching for ways to market my e -commerce site. It reminded me of my childhood. When I was a kid, I used to think the TV channels were doing a great job, showing us all these nice cartoons and they are not charging us any money! WOW! I asked mom, (she was my best friend and still is),”Mom, they are real gentlemen, aren’t they?” she did not know the answer to t he question at that point, and she agreed.

Now we all know that they are not charities. I also came to know that the same rule applies for search engines. But to be able to deal with the search engines again looked so big and a tiring task for me to do. The list of task looked like as if it was written in a different language, like:
-Apply to each search engines to get listed. How do I do that?
-I do not have enough money to buy the top position on the search engines, if that was at all possible.
-I have emailed my email database (120 of contacts, friends and family, where most of them does not have a credit card)
-How do I know if some one has visited my site?

I Tried, Tried and I Never Gave Up.

There were millions of people willing to design the site, but very few were talking about the marketing. I spent some money replying to some SPAMS offering snake oils on how to market my website.

At that point, while I was frustrated and tired, one day I sprang out of shower like Archimedes, shouting


as I found the answer to all my questions. There must be some places that would provide internet marketing services and who are experts in this feild. And like all other hunches, this hunch from the super intelligence was true.

That’s why I congratulated you for searching internet marketing services, as when you are searching this keyword, you already have enough intelligence to ask the right question. Like Einstein rightly said, “You can judge how clever a man is by his answers, and how wise a man is by his questions.”


Why Internet Marketing Services is Required?

Internet marketing service is required because it lets the professionals to do their work. My 16 year old nephew's favorite way of hurting me was to comment, “You are a civil engineer and you can not even market your website?” I was not intelligent enough at that point to tell him that,
“Being good at one thing does not mean you are good in everything”
and this truth got nicely married with my favorite belief:

”Its even good to die in the hands of professionals”


When you engage an internet marketing service provider, they take care of your worry about marketing your website. They have done it several times effectively and have the necessary systems in place. For instance, the keyword research that took me weeks, my internet marketing service provider has provided far better results in just a few minutes.You get massive leverage from their effort and knowledge.

We will look at the top three ways to search and select an internet marketing service provider.


In your daily life, say you need a service for the first time. How do you reach the service provider? You call your friends, work colleagues and family friends asking, “Hey, I know you have done your hair red last year at the red hair specialists, were they any good?”

Apply the same technique here. Become member of related forums and look for feedbacks. Once you have spotted someone, feel free to post a question about their service and past performance. You are likely to be carried away by the responses you get.

-Yellow Pages


Now a days, it is highly likely that you will find a few local internet marketing service provider. You know the rest of the game, however, just to remind you:

  1. Ask for an appointment
  2. Discuss your requirement in details and your budget
  3. Do the same with a few internet marketing services provider
  4. Ask them for referral sites in your geographically targeted area.
  5. Then prepare a comparative status and you are on your way.

-Use Search Engines


Use search engines for choosing internet marketing service providers. You are likely to find millions of results. Here is your strategy to survive the information overload:

  1. Make a list of top twenty sites based on their site description.
  2. Visit the sites
  3. If the sites are trying to sell snake oil and guarantee 1million dollars in a few hours, and have flashy banners, ignore them.
  4. Shortlist top ten.
  5. Email them and ask them how they are going to do the work.
  6. Carry on with a few rounds of emails.
  7. By this time, you have a list of top three.
  8. Ask them for referral sites, and talk to them if possible
  9. Now its time to pull the trigger. If you get positive reference for all three, use all of them for different projects.

Once you find an internet marketing service provider, it will allow you to think about your next site. The key is to act smart and get the leverage.

At the same time, the story below denotes a very basic truth:

An Eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing. A small rabbit saw the
eagle and asked him, "Can I also sit like you and do nothing?" The eagle answered: "Sure, why not." So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the eagle and rested.

All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

The Morale is:
To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up.


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