Internet Marketing Strategy – How to Successfully Market Your Products on the Internet?

Before I share with you about internet marketing strategy, kindly allow me to have a flashback at my childhood.When I was a kid, two stories dominated my living times:

-The Wizard of Oz, and

-Alice in Wonderland


Remember where Alice asked the cat, which way should she go? The cat asked her, first tell me where do you want to go. Her reply was, she did not know. Then the cat advised, well, it does not matter in whatever direction Alice goes, she could walk in any ways.

How nicely this morale fits with the German proverb:

What’s the use of running if you are not on the right road?

In terms of business ventures, there are no other single sectors where strategy is more important than internet. On internet, marketing strategy becomes the double edged sword. You can market your internet business in several ways, but unless you are as big as Apple or some big corporation, your time and budget is limited. It is essential to lay the tracks so that you can reach your destination using minimum effort, time and money.

Again, I learnt it the hard way. At this point, you may say, well why do I always learn the hard way? I have very strong defence here, of course I took advice, and all of them did not work. Although I learnt the hard way, now I know what works and that gives me tremendous feeling of achievement.

When I started the web journey, I thought designing a website with lots of flash and animations would attract most of my visitors. I got a highly flashy and interactive website at a high cost, and guess what?



I was begging my friends and relatives to visit my site, but guess what, after massive phone calls and efforts; I had only about 9 to 10 clicks only. I knew there were people who are looking for this subject, but I could not present the topic to them.

The problem identified was: Absence of Marketing and the missing foundation-Internet Marketing Strategy - The most brutal and the most required one.
If you are in my shoes, then the following train of internet marketing strategy will definitely work for you.

Internet Marketing Strategy # 1 Know Your Goals

The importance of goal setting is valid for internet as well as for any offline ventures. The reasons have to be very clear in your mind, as they say clear enough so that you could describe it to a two year old kid on what is the purpose of your website. When you find the answer, go and visit a child care centre and explain the kids your purpose. If they understand, you have passed the test. Now check your enthusiasm and passion level. If they are well above in the gauge, you are on the right track. However, if you have taken the first step correctly, I am more than delighted to give you pass mark with honors.

Internet Marketing Strategy # 2 Build an Appropriate Content Based Website

I do not know how to overstress this point. This concept, as defined by Ken Evoy is a simple one; it’s called the KISS principle.
K - Keep
I - It
S - So
S - Simple
You will agree with me that, Google is one of the most successful websites. Take a close look at their websites. Is it not an example of simplicity?Then on this simple website, draw an image with your passion. I strongly recommend the strategy like creating a successful content like a book and then build the detailed chapters of the book. In this way, your total website will result in a solid and compact one. It will be attractive to both human visitors and to search engine spiders.


Internet Marketing Strategy # 3 Get Accepted to the Major Search Engines

Here comes the big challenge. Once you have created the website, apply for listings with the major search engines. There are plenty of sites and softwares which will help submit your site to the major directories and search engines in the click of a button.Submit it, and then sit back and relax for six months. Two words of caution:
-Not all sites will get accepted to all search engines

-Control the temptation to add some money making modules before it gets accepted to the majority of the search engines

Internet Marketing Strategy # 4 Build Free Traffic


Once your site is accepted to major search engines, add more contents. In this way, free traffic will start to build. Ken Evoy from Solo Build It rightly have compared it with a snowball. With time as you keep on adding more content, your free traffic will increase slowly.

Internet Marketing Strategy # 5 Use Google Adwords and Traffic Arbitrage

Now it gets exciting. Add some money making modules. My most favorite ones are:
-Google adwords and PPC

-Traffic Arbitrage

-Affiliate Marketing

-Selling E goods

I will discuss the top two options here:

Google Adwords and PPC
In the Pay per click, when the user clicks your ad on google, you pay google a pre agreed sum of money, normally ranging from a few cents to a few dollars. The advantages are:You can get geographically targeted traffic.The traffic is highly targeted and has a high possibility of coming out your desired exit.
Traffic Arbitrage
Once you have enough volume, you can then start trading traffics. The game plan is basically the ancient one, buy for less and sell for more. May be you are asking how? I could answer your question with another question. Did you hear of Tier 2 search engines such as Miva, Go Click and similar websites? You could buy cheap traffic from them and sell for higher price on Google and other directories. Finally, I want to say that these train of strategies worked for me. It will work for you as well. However, there is plenty of room for tweaking and innovation. Whatever way you choose, prepare a strategy train. Finally, I would like to conclude by remembering Late Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) by his quotation:

”However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”


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