Is Internet Marketing Online the Optimum Solution?

One of the most essential and the exciting part of the web world is internet marketing online. The oxford dictionary defines marketing as “The promotion and selling of products or services”. The famous American Educator and Writer Peter F. Drucker announced aim of marketing as: “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

Why is internet marketing online necessary? Let me compare it with my off line real estate business. When I started my first real estate development business in Asia, I choose a renowned architect to be my business partner. My thought processing was
“Well, they are one of the most costly professionals, so having one on my team would benefit really great.”

This engineer and architect team did well and we definitely produced one of the best quality apartments.

Nevertheless, I missed one key point!

We soon came to realize that, only making the best product is not good enough.


In front of our eyes, apartments with much less quality were being sold repeatedly at double the price.

-We were offering the best apartments for
-The Lowest price in the market

Still the quality customers queued up to buy apartments from my competitors who knew very less about engineering and architecture.

I figured out the problem the hard way. The one thing missing in our venture was almost the soul of the business

That is marketing! In the current cyberspace, the ultimate solution is internet marketing online.

How much misconception did I have regarding the essential pre-requisite! And marketing itself had so many facades, most important for me was:
-Market analysis
-Markey segmentation
-Marketing Strategy

This is essential for every type of businesses. Except for some retail store in a busy mall (it is not the best statement, as their shop decoration, signs, lighting and staffing – all are a part of marketing, isn’t it?), almost all other businesses will simply die without effective marketing.

This essential role of marketing is just multiplied massively in web marketing. If you have a physical shop in a mall, you will get some customers from the foot traffic.

However, on your web site, without internet marketing online, how are you getting visitors to your web site? Where is the foot traffic? Is there any passerby’s to enter your website accidentally?

Therefore, without internet marketing online, the existence of a website is pretty much meaningless. Let me share with you my first hand experience. 2 year ago, before Christmas time I had a brilliant web based business idea. I hired web professionals, arranged suppliers, registered the company, hired an accountant, and the end product was a brilliant e store. I published an ad in the national newspaper, which costed me couple of thousand dollars. I personally along with some hired school kids dropped fliers to malls, offered heavy incentives for people to visit my website and place an order. I was so excited that I even left my day job.

The end result was, I am lucky to have a good wife to not get killed. Oops, I did it again. Only one person visited my website and we sold items worth only $2.00

Was it not again a massive marketing mistake? Could internet marketing online resolve the issue?

Thanks to Almighty that he gave me resilience in abundance. Next year with appropriate internet marketing online, I got the first taste of victory in online business.

I spent lots of time and energy to figure out what is the best way to market a web based business and can summaries the findings as follows:

--Consumer Behavior Pattern
Remember the famous song by Jim Morrison?

”People are strange, when you are a stranger- Faces look ugly when you are alone”

I would like to oppose Late Jim Morrison song by the point that, No people are strange if we do enough research on them. With proper research, we can classify people's behavior and can predict the majority group’s behavior.

You don’t have to visit very far, just look at your web visiting pattern. How many times have you typed a URL of a printed material to enter a random website compared to how many times you clicked a site from a search in Google? For me the ratio would be 1 to 10,000 to be generous. This alone justifies the vital role of internet marketing online.

--Be a Gorilla or a Guerilla


The reason for my learning curve in the first year of web business is the violation of the above stated marketing law. Can you compete against the already known giants with massive marketing campaigns, established well decorated shops with some tiny leaflets and one single ad in the newspaper?

This reminds me of another real life experience. On one cold night on Queen Street in Auckland-New Zealand, a band with all their gears were playing some music for fund raising. On the other side of the street, a lonely Russian guitarist was trying to make some noise using his acoustic. I advised him, why don’t you move to another street? He said’” No, I want to see an end of it”.

I found it interesting and stayed there till both of them disappeared. The solo guitarist got 11 dollars and seventy cents. Out of which I donated 10 dollars to cheer him up.
The question is could he have thrived in another street that night? Most probably, he could!

All of us have a forte, and we must fight from that place.

Internet marketing online has very much its right place online, because that is where it belongs.

--Converting Shopping Behavior


Actually, offline marketing for a website is more like converting peoples shopping behavior. Already in this world a massive population are internet users. When we try to talk to someone who does not belong to the internet user group, the major challenge then becomes is to get that person internet educated, which is a major task in itself. Internet marketing online removes this upside battle.

--Geographical Location


This is a big one. By internet marketing online, you are not limited to a geographic region, more precisely to your local area. Unless you own an established national business how are you going to physically market your internet business nationally?

With online marketing, this limitation just disappears. You can access national, as well as international clients at the same effort as to get your local customers to your web site by using online marketing.

--Phone shopper and web shopper
Thanks to the regime of the fast food world, where you can pick up the phone and dial the free phone, you place the order and the deliveryman delivers the pizza at your doorstep.

As a customer, we like to converse with people. Talking is way too much easier than typing some details on the screen, isn’t it?

From the above discussion, and from my personal experience, I can strongly conclude that, yes internet online marketing is the only possible way to successfully market your website. There could be some exceptions where a local famous service provider put his URL on his visiting card as it provides him with some additional credibility, but for a business that is entirely web based and selling electronic products only, ignoring online internet marketing could be lethal.

It would be like putting the floodlights off and playing Tennis by lighting up some candles. To add more to this, the people and spectators from the neighboring floodlighted court may be watching and laughing at the same time.


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