Inside Story of Real Estate Investing Course

I had to realize the power of real estate investing courses in the hardest way. I started my career as a real estate developer in Asia. The game plan is a bit different in Asia where developing 6 storied buildings were tremendously profitable. When I came to NZ, I not only hit a solid concrete wall, but also managed to get myself badly dented. So badly that it needed a good panel beating.

I came to a new country. My subconscious mind knew it’s possible to make money from properties in this country. But I did not know how. In this country it is not possible to develop a 6 storied building as it was well within my budget. I started reading books, going to seminars. I talked to people, heard stories how Douglas, a 58 year old farmer was driving a brand new Jaguar out of real estate investment. I asked myself, what did he do that I cannot do?

I put at stake all my savings that time, $2500 and borrowed $1000 more to attend a real estate course. My family thought I was insane, friends told me I could have had a dream holiday in Cook Islands with that money. However, in my mind I was disciplined enough to take my own decisions against all odds.

The End Result Achieved is : A Massive Success in Real Estate.


I could not buy 350 properties in 3.5 years, because that was not my strategy. My game plan was different and the beauty of property investment is, you can ride the success in so many different stories.

Why Should You Do a Real Estate Investing Course?

Most of us do not invest in properties because of two main reasons:
-We let the neighbors do our thinking

-We do not have the right knowledge

A course, like the one I did, could easily free you of these two biggest enemies. When some friends in my toastmasters club see my new Omega watch, they initially get interested to know how I afforded it. In the next breath when they hear it’s through real estate, I hear comments like:

-“Ok, you don’t want to tell us how, no problem”

-“Hmm, you are earning a fat salary, that’s why you can do it”

-“Huh, you are doing it now; let us see what happens in a few days”

-“Well property is all about negative gearing, isn’t it?”

-“My third girlfriends’ uncles’ cousins friend invested money in real estate and he became broke”

-“Property Market is really volatile now”

Its tough for me to resist the names of the people who made those comments. However, I want to live longer and I love my toastmasters club.

A real estate investing course could easily free you from all these pre-suppositions, and set you on your way to success. Real estate investing is easy on one sense, and tough on the other as it requires a bit of knowledge of interesting sectors like understanding the market, what motivates the market, how to value a property and how to add value to a property.

The Two Most Powerful Tools You Need in Real Estate Investing are:


-Negotiation Techniques
-Understanding the Wealth Creation Formula

A good real estate course could make you fully loaded with all these weapons. It does not matter if you are a novice investor or a medium or expert investor, you can still learn something from a properly selected real estate investing course.

Types of Real Estate Investing Course:

They can be categorized in two basic types of courses based on their content:

Basic Real Estate Investing Course


These courses are generally for beginner real estate investors. Majority of them could be a combination of motivational and real estate investment. The amazing fact is when you have a big mass of people thinking in the same direction, a massive momentum is created and everyone benefits from it.

Basic real estate investing courses discusses a bit of all major tools of real estate investing. You will be aware of the existence of these tools, but you will not become a master. You may hear a term just for the first time, take it easy. You will have enough time to familiarize yourself with it.

Advanced Real Estate Investing Course

Once you have done a basic course, and invested in a few real estates, you could go to different advanced real estate investing courses such as:
-Negotiation in real estate

-Lease strategy



After attending one of the relevant courses, we could call you a reasonable expert within that specific sector of real estate investment.

Real Estate Investing Course Based on Their Type:

These courses could be either live or web and media based. Both have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages. Whereas live courses can create more synergy, they are generally a bit more costly. Regarding web or media based course, they generally cost about 1/5th of a live course but you miss the synergy. I have seen countless number of people purchasing a course and then never even touching it.

What Should You Look For When Selecting a Real Estate Investing Course?


When selecting a real estate investing course, you must ask yourself the following 5 questions:
-Are they happy to provide contacts of past participants?

-Are they providing the course content on advance so that you can take a look at what to expect?

-Do they themselves develop properties?

-Do they provide a full list and qualifications of the speakers?

-How good is their money back guarantee?

I have talked enough, now may I ask you to return the favor? Please write down why I noted them as the top five questions you must ask about a real estate investing course. The major advantage you will have is your brain will start thinking in the right direction.

Some Words of Caution Regarding Real Estate Investing Courses:

Roses dont come without thorns. You should be aware of:
-If the organizers are trying to sell you some real estate. Most of the times, the organizers will try to sell you some real estate at a much high price above the market value.

-People attending these courses generally are defined as having quite some cash to spare and falls easy prey to lots of vultures. It takes reasonable amount of time and experience to identify these vultures and to stay away from them as much as possible. I must admit that I fell prey of one vulture at one of these events and overpaid $65,000 dollars for a property

- Never trust blindly, you will have to do your due diligence to verify what they are saying is right.


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