Top Five Real Estate Books

In several aspects real estate books are much better than any other traditional methods of learning. In my life magic started to happen from the days I started reading books. From the very first day I learned to pronounce alphabets and spell words, I fell in love with books, and the love increased everyday. We are still very much in love.

Before The Age of Eight, I Finished Reading All Famous Classics.

and my most favorite one was the Wizard of Oz. I grew up surrounded by

--Magical heroes,


--Talking tin soldiers,


--Bravery and outstanding sacrifice and

--Heroic actions.


One of the major advantages was, my house was full of publications by Sir Dale Carnegie. Although I could not intellectually follow this great man’s saying, I still spent hours reading them in the search of those nice small stories of human kindness and greatness.

As a result of this vast knowledge, I was always adored among fellow classmates, at parties, even amongst conversation with seniors. It was so because I could tell them jokes, share scientific thoughts, tell those unknown facts about the polar world, show some minor magic tricks that I learned from the books.

Now for the man who I am and for this brilliant success, after Almighty

I Would Give all Credit to Books Again!


Real estate books although a very specialized topic in itself, can offer the reader with the same benefits as well. The five major comparative advantages you have on real estate books compared to any other form of learning is summarized as follows:

1. You Can Choose What to Read
Real Estate is a massive subject. Firstly there are two types of real estate: commercial and residential real estate. Again in each sector, there are several sectors, such as: how to find a good deal, how to maximize your borrowing capacity, how to negotiate a deal, how to close a deal to favor yourself, how to handle real estate agents effectively, how to buy privately, ways to buy below market valuation, ways to refinance, how to renovate, effective techniques to add value to a property, rental, lease options, strategies to invest in real estate and literally thousands others.

While these subjects can be briefly covered in a few chapters, it is possible to find few books on each topic. And the beauty is one topic is more interesting than the other. It all depends on how deep you want to go.

2. You Can Choose When to Read


We human beings possess the most complex biological systems in the world. Our body has two certain energy peaks during the day. Some of us are night person (active during the night) and some of us are day persons (active during the day).

Books give you the ultimate freedom to read whenever you feel like reading. Find the hours of the day when you are less productive and feed your brains with knowledge from the books. Imagine you have a date, and you arrive 6 hours later at the rendezvous, what can you expect to get? But books will always be there for you!

The tip is carrying a real estate book with you all the time. When you begin to notice your body rhythm, you will soon be able to identify, “hey this is my time to read”. Get the book out and read for half an hour. If you have moderately reading speed, you will easily finish reading one decent sized book in one week.

3. You Can Re-read The Book Anytime
I will always remember the first day I went to see live cricket! It was a brilliant stroke, everyone was applauding, some how I missed seeing the stroke. In addition, it was a live play, and there was no chance to see a replay. My friends were all so excited saying that was the greatest shot by Tendulkar, whereas I came back home with a heavy heart!

During my real estate investing career, I have been to numerous real estate courses, have been trained to different techniques by several mentors. During the courses, unless you are exceptionally energetic, you are likely to feel slightly sleepy at some point during the day and miss valuable information. All my mentors did tremendous jobs. However, think for a moment, if I missed a point, it is gone in the black hole of the past.

Besides, our brain works in the way that to completely remember one thing, you need to just revisit the things you learned in the next 24 hours. The live methods, although they are great way of learning, does not give you the opportunity, where as the book is always there for you.

4. Get Access to Great Minds
One my most favorite author, friend and philosopher is Sir Dale Carnegie. At this point you may get alarmed and remark- “Hey wait, Sir Carnegie died at least twenty years before you were even born, how can you be friends? Do you do black magic or planchet?”

The answer is simple. I have developed this friendship with Sir Carnegie by reading his books. It is possible to get access to the great minds of past, and in the same way it is possible to get access to great minds of our current times. Imagine having an appointment with Sir Donald Trump to get some insight about real estate. It may be possible to get a 5-minute appointment with him if you are someone highly influential. But what can you learn from him during that time?

Alternatively, by reading a book by Trump, you can get about one year of time of his and his top associates.

5. Most Economic

Money, get away.
Get a good job with good pay and you’re okay.
Money, its a gas.
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think It’ll buy me a football team.

All of you are familiar with this famous song on Money by Pink Floyd. In any investment, finance is of course an important deciding factor.

A good real estate book will cost you about $20 to $30. Compared to that, a real estate course will cost you $3000+, and a mediocre property mentor will cost you more than $10,000 per year.

The facts are not even comparable, are they?

Some Food for Thought


When I advise my coaching customers to go and read real estate books, the most common question I hear is,

--Do you recommend any books?

--What is the best book on real estate?

The answer is simple and straight forward. There is no single book that is the best and no single book can answer and serve all your purpose. Every single book has opens up a different window to see the real estate world. Start reading, this is the key, and you will soon figure out what books suit you best. You could spend $5000 on attending a seminar, why don’t you spend $500 on buying 20 real estate books and find out for yourself which ones are the best real estate books?

Yet, I will give you a list of

Top Five Real Estate Books

that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Feel free to take a look at the list, start reading them and read more. My most favorite real estate books are:

1. “Bubbles, Boom and Busts: Make Money in Any Real Estate Market,” by Blanche Evans
2. “Trump Style Negotiation”- by George Ross
3. “2 Years to a Million in Real Estate” by Matthew A.Martinez
4. “Maverick Real Estate Investing: The Art of Buying and Selling Properties Like Trump, Zell, Simon, and the World’s Greatest Landowners” by Steven Bergsman.
5. How You Can Become Financially Independent Investing in Real Estate” by Albert J.Lowry

From today, make a promise to yourself to read at least one book every week. In next one year you will finish 52 real estate books, and believe me, you will do so much good in real estate investing that you will amaze yourself. No matter how busy I am, the book lover inside me is always alive and I would love to hear about your best picks, you are most welcome to send me a book review.


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